Part of our mission at Flatbread Company is to support local organizations that have an impact on our community.  There are a few ways that we do this...

Benefit NIghts

Every Tuesday we partner with and host a different local non-profit organization.  We work together to get the word out to as many people as possible in advance.  Night of, our non-profit partner is welcome to table at the front door and provide any additional information they want to share with our guests, including but not limited to: flyers, informational posters/packets, member and volunteer information, etc.  We donate a portion of all flatbreads sales, including in-house, takeout and delivery orders for the evening, to our non-profit partner organization! 

Are you a local non-profit looking to learn more? 

Are you a flatbread eating community member wondering how to show your support?

1. Mark your calendar AND/or 
   RSVP to the event on
2. Tell your friends & Family
3. Order your favorite flatbread          for TAKEOUT or delivery
4. Eat the Flatbread(s) 
5. wind down for the day and ease        into your food coma by Reading        more about the featured non-            profit through our instagram,          Facebook, or links in our                    newsletter.

We are currently closed for dine-in eating and operating under limited hours.  As such, we have moved Benefit Nights to Thursdays.  Given that we have fewer visitors in the restaurant, we are also extending the evening to our virtual platforms.  Instead of sharing information in person we will be posting any of the promotional material mentioned previously on our Facebook and Instagram!